noah's ark

I'm thinking about Noah's ark
I like that story because in that story
A human saved all the animals from a flood
Even if the premise is a bit absurd, I mean
One old man gathering up all the animals
Two by two
Was their Noah-ther way?
I'm sorry
That was a bad joke
I'm actually thinking about the Holocene extinction
Not as good of a story
In that story the humans are killing all the animals
Maybe with a flood
Instead of two tree frogs huddling together in a boat
It's boat loads of tree frogs dying every day
I don't mean to be misanthropic
Sometimes I'm happy to be a human
Like when I look at the face of my friends and know
some secret thing that can only mean love
But don't tree frogs have secrets
don't they deserve to look at each other too?
Should we start gathering them up two by two?
I don't mean to be misanthropic
But then, sometimes
I see Eldey Island
Where the Great Auk left the ark
I look at that last pair, sitting on their egg, trying to hold on to the thin thread of life beneath them
When the musket is fired, the dark eyes of the Auk mirror the infinite and I hear God say
That They are sorry that They made mankind on the earth
And it grieves Them in Their heart
Then the bullet hits the brain and the boot hits the egg
And the birds are gone.