i listen to a lot of music

When I was about fourteen years old, I started listening to and collecting music ravenously. I would literally spend nearly all of my birthday money on just boxes of CDs I'd get at the local FYE. Here is the fruit of all that labor. I'm pretty much always listening to music. I've got a massive record collection. You get to look at it in all its glory.

what i use to listen

I usually use my 2009 160GB iPod Classic to listen to music. It hasn't failed me yet, it still has room left, and there is something comforting about knowing that it isn't analyzing my behavior or attempting to form playlists or collect advertiser data based on what I'm listening to. I also just really like that clickwheel. In terms of acquiring music, I tend to purchase records from my local record store, and when I have to go digital, I strongly prefer Bandcamp. Of course, I only use legitimate means of getting new tunes. Of course.

Currently Listening To

Pillow Queens - In Waiting