about me

This user is a Christian pacifist

Just about everything I write is probably colored through this lens, since my spirituality, either fortunately or unfortunately, imbues just about everything I try and do. I'm a Christian, within the Episcopalian (Anglican) tradition, and I mean that in a fairly usual sense, although I'm particularly inspired by liberation theology and queer theology. I put this first since this is probably the most important aspect of myself. You'll probably notice in my writing that little Jesus references are all over the place. I'm a pacifist, meaning I basically think that violence is inherently and always wrong, and I think this follows from Christianity - but I also think this follows from my politics, which is coming right up...

This user is a libertarian socialist

My politics are always being refined and questioned, but for the most part, I generally agree with the contentions of libertarian socialism. I don't think that hierarchies are good, and I think humans work best when we are all on an equal playing field and are able to freely share our ideas and collaborate together. I think that people deserve to live happy lives with dignity, and I think that dignity comes best with freedom, sharing, and the commons. I mentioned above that I think pacifism follows from this political stance - and I think it does. Violence is the first act of hierarchy - there could be no hierarchy without violence and force, so renouncing those things is the first step towards liberation, as far as I am concerned.

This user is bisexual

In a similar way to my spirituality, this is probably just going to come up all the time in my writing. I'm bisexual, which means I am attracted to all genders, and I want to clearly stress that I mean this in the trans and non-binary inclusive sense. My sexuality is probably evident throughout my poems.

This user is vegan

In many ways, I think that this follows from pacifism, but I didn't actually come to the conclusion that I should be vegan due to my concern for animal welfare. I'm certainly vegan at least partially for that reason now, but initially, I became vegan due to the data that mentions it as the best way to personally reduce your carbon footprint. I think that is still the bedrock reason why I've been dedicatedly vegan for five years now, but animal welfare concerns, and how that interacts with pacifism, certainly play a role in my thinking at this point.

This user is a free software nerd

Free software is very cool! I try to use Linux as much as possible, and I have a bunch of tech preferences that I try to use in my daily life to protect both privacy and freedom. I also think that copyright is silly and generally a hindrance to good things - and I try to demonstrate this in everything that I personally create. Everything I write is licensed under Creative Commons, and I try to use images and other things that exist in the commons as much as possible.