mountains are beautiful

Mountains are beautiful things
like I don't have to love everything to love mountains
mostly because mountains symbolize both
stability and impermanence so well
since we all know they were formed by some giant earthquake
some millions of years ago
and I can't think of anything more sudden and horrifying
But then they protect us from mid-westerners or something
so they are symbols of stability.
It's weird that we can know that mountains were formed millions of years ago
I read something about clocks this morning
It mentioned that the necessary component
for a mechanical clock wasn't invented until
the 13th century
I think it was called a verge escape
Before that
all we had were water clocks and sun dials
can you imagine
measuring time by looking at a water jug and seeing how full it gets
measuring time is weird
a guy named John Zerzan thinks we should abolish time
maybe he's right
Or maybe we should instead measure in something more tangible
like memories
I have a memory of being in junior high and playing arcade games at the mall
The game would constantly scream "green jester need food!"
It's weird that I have such a vivid memory of something so insignificant
or maybe we aren't good at gauging significance
like why do I remember that my old friend
carried smarties with her everywhere and
wanted to live only with cats
and always talked about Gallivant and Lord of the Rings
it's weird to think that I'll probably never see her again
But I hope wherever she is, she's sitting with her cats
talking about Tolkien
that's where she always is for me